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    I'm currently a computer science graduate student at Georgia Tech working with Dr. Henrik Christensen and Dr. Irfan Essa. I graduated magna cum laude at Clemson University in December 2012 with a BS in Computer Engineering. I then went on to work for INSCOM/NSA before deciding to go back to school. My research interests include robotics, automation, computer vision, physics-based animation, and computer security. My current projects are segmentation in 3D and 4D spaciotemporal regions and gesture recognition with the Microsoft Kinect. My work has been featured by websites/magazines such as The Washington Post, the Huffington Post, Techcruch, the Daily Dot, Mashable, Slashdot, Engadget, Linux User and Developer Magazine, raspberrypi.org, Hackaday, StackOverflow, and Lifehacker. I've been featured due to my Snapchat Captcha solver, Google Voice API, and voice-controlled software.

    Steven Hickson


    • Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Clemson University
    • BS in Computer Engineering
    • PhD student at Georgia Tech
    • Previously worked for the NSA
    • Emphasis in Robotics, Computer Vision, and Computer Security
    • Working on Segmentation in various Spaciotemporal Regions
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    I have been involved in reseach for over two years now. I write most of my computer vision code in C++ using Visual Studio. I have written my own kinect wrapper and point cloud library, which can be found in the Blepo library. All of my code is open source and can be found Here.

    Before graduating from Clemson, I worked at a smart meter company called Itron where I was introduced to computer vision. After graduating, I worked as a Cyber Capabilities Developer for the NSA/Army. I left there after deciding to go to Georgia Tech to get my PhD. I have published a paper to IROS 2012 and hope to publish another soon.

    My current extracurricular interests include tinkering and building robots/devices, the Raspberry Pi, the Microsoft Kinect, rock climbing, martial arts, Settlers of Catan, Magic the Gathering, music, movies, and art.

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    My resume may be found here.
    My code can be found here.
    Explanations of code can be found here.
    Physics Based Animation Project here.
    IROS 2012 Publication: An Energy Minimization Approach to 3D Non-Rigid Deformable Surface Estimation Using RGBD Data
    CVPR 2014 Publication: Efficient Hierarchical Graph-Based Segmentation of RGBD Videos (paper ready soon)

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    Steven Hickson
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    Phone: 704-737-1123
    Email: me@stevenhickson.com